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Lynne Harwell Algrant is the founder of H 10 A Consulting, a practice focused on issues of leadership, effectiveness and outcomes.

As Program Manager of The Cleveland Executive Fellowship—a Coro Program for The Cleveland Foundation, Lynne worked with 8 full-time, mid-career Fellows who were interested in shifting their careers to other realms within the civic arena. The Fellowship’s focus was on training innovative problem-solvers who were comfortable in the non-profit, public and private sectors. The intersection of these sectors and the potential for improvement in all sectors through collaboration is the primary focus of H 10 A Consulting.

One area where she has pursued this new interest is in the area of the Fire Service. After reading a disturbing article about the challenges of diversity in the Cleveland Fire Department, Lynne wrote to the Chief and began a series of conversations and research. She has developed a curriculum to train the newly promoted Lieutenants in issues of management and leadership and she is working on a program to train all the Cleveland Fire Department officers in leadership and communication skills. In addition, she is helping the International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters with their strategic planning.
Lynne spent the early part of her career as an educator and administrator in independent schools. For 5 years she served as Executive Director of The Albert G. Oliver Program, a program dedicated to placing and supporting students of color in independent schools. While at Oliver, Lynne helped to found the Independent School Placement Association, a national consortium of organizations serving students of color in independent schools.

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